IDEAL Liquid dye MAXI 25 JEANS

IDEAL Liquid dye MAXI 25 JEANS

IDEAL Colorante 25 JEANS

Ideal Max Liquid Dyes for Cotton, Linen, Viscose, Hemp, Grass, rayon, lyocell, Juta.

Contents: 75ml Dye, fixer 100g
Dimensions: 11x11,5x3,5

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With the passage of time and after repeated washing the colors of the garments tend to lose their intensity. IDEAL liquid dye revives and changes the color of the fabrics: cotton rayon, viscose and hemp linen. special dye for use in a washing machine at 40 °. Coloring simple and effective directly into the drum. Oversized to dye a deep color up to 400 gr. of fabric and up to 1.6 kg. for a lighter color. colonfezione each contains one dye tank 75ml. and 1 of fissatoreda 100gr pan.


1- introduce directly in the porthole of the washing machine the dye tank and the fixer cut along the dotted line.

2- introduce in the porthole 500gr. common table salt.

3- Insert machine head to dye clean and damp.

4- Start a washing program along, without pre-wash at 40 ° C.

5- Once the program, remove the pans and empty dye fixer and leave the garment in the washing machine to wash it with a normal detergent.

6- Select a long program without pre-wash at 40 ° C.

7- Allow the head of the shade in a horizontal position.

8- To delete eventali residues in the porthole of the dye, to perform a washing cycle at 60 ° C with a glass of bleach and a bit of detergent.




- Before you dye a new head, wash with laundry detergent to eliminate the primer.


- The colors are added together (eg: a head of blue dye more yellow color, will give a head of green color) for this reason, in some cases, to obtain the desired color, you will have to decolorize the head before proceeding to the dye.


- The dye does not cover the stains but only the hides, so before proceeding to the dye stains must be removed. If this is not possible or if the head of bleach stains will previously bleached.


- If a printed garment is dyed, the dye will not cover the press, although in some cases this could change color.


- It can be obtained by different staining intensity as a function of the amount of dye that is used and the weight of the head which is intended to dye. For the same amount of fabric, to a greater of dye quantia correspond to a greater intensity of the final color.


-As For all colored garments is recommended to perform the first washing of dyed garments separately from other clothing or with the same color clothing.

Where to use it:

Cotton, Linen, Viscose, Hemp, Grass, rayon, lyocell, Juta

Where not to use it:

Silk, wool, polyamide (nylon), waterproofed Heads, Acrylics, acetate, chlorofibre, Polyester, Goretex, padded heads and those bearing indication "dry clean only".

NOTE: the heads whose composition contains less than 50% of fibers which can not be dyed, can be colored sebbena the coloration will be less intense. In this case it is recommended to double the dose of the dye.


The dye Ideal is effective at low temperatures (40 ° C) while competitive products require temperatures no lower than 60 ° C.

With a packaging of Ideal dye you can dye a larger amount of fabric than the competition.

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