General “SINFONIA” contest Rules and regulations
Sponsoring Companies:
Filati Italiani, Strada Delle Campore 4, 05100 Terni, Italy; VAT number IT01657360556 in partnership
with Cariaggi Lanificio S.P.A., Via Flaminia Nord, 48 - 61043 Cagli (PU), C.F. 00031110414, VAT
Primary Objective of the contest:
"Megeve" (hereinafter "Contest") is a promotional initiative aimed at finding and selecting content for
the purpose of publishing a promotional catalogue intended for both customers and suppliers as well
as for advertising campaigns in the future.
The activity is excluded from the legislation of prize-winning events, as provided for by Presidential
Decree 430/2001, insofar this initiative is promoted with the purpose of commercially using the best
images collected.
The Contest will take place from 20/05/2021 to 30/10/2021.
Specifically, the timeframe will be structured as such:
• from 20/05/2021 to 30/09/2021: Contest participation period.
• by 30/10/2021: assessment of submissions received and selection of the winning contestant.
Participation criteria:
Participation in the Contest is allowed to knitting and machine knitting professionals / amateurs /
hobbyists (hereinafter "Participant(s)").
Contest theme:
Theme of the Contest is the creation of a garment or accessory using the SINFONIA Della
Cariaggi Lanificio yarn. Furthermore, participants can also choose to enrich their submissions through
the aid of the Cariaggi Rainbow yarn with inserts.
Participants must take 5 (five) photographs of the clothing or accessory made and provide a written
technical description of their craft (hereinafter "Work/s").
How to take part in the Contest:
In order to participate in the Contest, the Participants will have from 01/06/2021 to 30/09/2021 to
submit their Work by emailing: [email protected] in the form of 5 (five) photographs of the piece
of clothing / accessory made with SINFONIA yarn by Cariaggi Lanificio.
In the body of the email, participants shall write their personal information (Name, Surname and a
Mobile Phone Number) and a fully descriptive text of the technique(s) used to craft their designs.
The Participant will be asked to provide a proof of purchase of the Cariaggi Lanificio yarns used to make
the Work by attaching the receipts. Copies of the purchase receipts as well as the order number issued
by Ditta Filati Italiani will also be considered eligible as a proof of purchase.
For submissions to be eligible, the technical report must be edited in one of the following languages:
Italian, English or Russian.
By submitting their application, the Participant authorizes the sending of their Work, stating to have
read and agreeing to the privacy policy for the purpose of participating in the Contest and also to
agree and fully comply with the rules and regulations.
All entries must be sent in by 11.59 PM on 30/09/2021.
After this date, it will no longer be possible to submit a Work.
The email's total file size must not be greater than 7 MB.
There will be a specific page devoted to the Contest on the website i n
which the Participant will find all the informations needed to participate in it.
Participant Liability Waiver:
By submitting their Work, the Participant assumes all responsibility in this regard, claiming to be over
the age of 18, to have carefully read and to have accepted the full rules of the Contest and all of the
required conditions.
Specifically, the participant will have to declare and guarantee:
• To be the author and owner of all copyrights for the Work submitted (photographs/text of the
technical report) and for it to be the result of an original creative process of one's own and not
copies or third party's reproductions.
• That the Work does not contain anything abusive, defamatory or threatening, neither in written and/or video form, nor pornographic, vulgar or obscene messages, all of which are
ground for immediate dismissal from the Contest;
• That what is sent for evaluation is not contrary to any law and in particular that the proposed
Work is not reproduced or in violation of intellectual property rights, moral rights, copyrights or
third party personal data protection rights (including image rights and personality rights, of
which the Participant has in any case received full and unlimited authorization from any
owners), as well as publishing rights andl that as a whole it complies with what is established
by Copyright Law (Law 633 of 22 April 1941) and subsequent amendments, as well as any other
applicable legal provisions on the matter;
• That the photograph(s) submitted display only clothing or accessories made exclusively using
Cariaggi Lanificio's yarn.
• To be aware that, as a result of the submitting their Work, the Participant, as owner of the
copyright, grants the Promoting Companies, absolutely free of charge, without territorial or
temporal limits, the exercise of all commercial usage rights deriving from the copyright on the
Work, including for example e.g. the rights to the publication of the Work in any way, shape and
form, the rights to reproduce, execute and distribute, to broadcast, by any means and on any
data storage or carrier, for public representation, making it available to the public in any form
and any way, to exhibit and showcase the Work, the use of the Work, even partial, modified,
adapted, reworked etc. in the context of advertising campaigns/promos, the right to draw
derivative works and the right of translation and, in general, to exercise all the rights connected
to them until possible termination of said rights by the entitled parties.
• To be aware that the responsibility for the content of their Work is their own only, and to
consequently release the Promoting Companies from any harmful consequence and from any
claim for compensation, including legal fees, in relation to the failure to comply with the
submitting rules and regulations.
• To be aware that once the Work has been submitted it will, or might, be visible on the internet.
The Promoting Companies will not be held responsible in any capacity for any use and/or abuse
that third parties to the Promoting Companies might possibly make of the Work that has
potentially been published and/or issued.
• To be aware that the violation of the above may cause, as soon as detected, the immediate
dismissal of the Participant from the Contest.
Exposure and use of the photographs:
For the purpose of participating, each Work submitte by the Participant will be subject to moderation.
The Promoting Companies reserve the right to use only the material which, at their sole discretion,
does not prove to be harmful to the image of others, as well as offensive to current morals, or in any
case harmful to the rights of others, tendentious, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, inciting hatred or
violence, slanderous, racist, or representing a form of advertising for any commercial activity not
inherent to the proposed theme or promoting third party brands, with content in violation of the Italian
legal system, contrary to public decency and privacy legislation.
The Promoting Companies also reserve the right to remove, even after publication, any Work which
could be considered offensive, unsuitable or inconsistent with the spirit of the Contest, at their sole
discretion and unquestionable judgement.
Award procedures:
For the purposes of the final allocationt, all the Works in order will be admitted to the Contest.
By 30/10/2021, a qualified commission appointed by the Promoting Companies, at its unquestionable
and unappealable judgment, will evaluate all the legitimate Works according to the following criteria:
• Development of a Work in tune with the proposed theme of the Contest;
• Accuracy and precision with respect to the level of technical difficulty;
• Originality and ability.
At the end of the assessment process, the commission will nominate the best Work.
The judgment of the awarding commission will be unquestionable and definitive.
Participation and limitations:
Each Participant can participate in the Contest by submitting up to a maximum of 3 completed Works.
Each Work submitted via the dedicated email address must be different, any Work previously sent will
not be taken into consideration.

Exclusion from participation:
The Contest excludes from participating the employees and collaborators of the Promoting Companies,
of subsidiaries, affiliated and parent Companies.
Reward for the winner:
The following will be made available to the winner:
• Publication of your winning document in the catalog \ promotional material that will be
• A bobbin of the highly valuable CHRYSALIS MEGEVE yarn.
The Promoting Companies will be able to pick further Works for the selection of content that'll be
included in the making of their promotional campaign.
Rights of the Promoting Companies:
The Promoting Companies reserve the right to make any and all changes deemed necessary, for
logistic reasons, both to the rules and to the calendar of the Contest and the right to postpone,
suspend or outright cancel the Contest at any stage of the evaluation, without recognition of any right
for compensation and/or indemnity for the Participant(s).
Personal Data Processing:
By joining this initiative, Users consent to the personal data provided to the Promoting Companies in
relation to participation in this Contest being processed in compliance with the provisions of European
Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal
data, also through the use of electronic tools, for the purposes related to developing and operating this
The data controller is Filati Italiani, Strada Delle Campore 4 05100 Terni Italy, VAT number
Duties and guarantees:
The authenticty and veracity of the data and information provided at the time of registration are
essential conditions to be met for eligibility. The violation may result in the win to be void or prevent
the participation.
Taking part in the Contest will therefore involve full and unconditional knowledge, adherence and
acceptance of all the articles of the present Regulations by the Participant.
The Promoting Companies reserve the right to request additions to the material received (photos,
descriptive text or any material that may facilitate the evaluation) if deemed necessary for the
evaluation of the Works.
For any dispute or claim, these terms and conditions will apply.

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