Dr. Beckmann Спрей пятновыводитель...

Dr. Beckmann Спрей пятновыводитель 250+250ml в подарок

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 средство для удаления  запаха и пятен от дезодоранта и  пота

     Устраняет самые сложные  пятна от  дезодоранта и пота
     Эффективно удаляет  неприятные запахи
     Регулярное использование предотвращает образование новых пятен
     Для белых и цветных тканей

     250+250 мл

Eliminates stains & odour

Dr. Beckmann’s Stain Devils for Antiperspirant & Sweat Marks is a stain remover specially formulated to eliminate unsightly stains and odour from antiperspirant and sweat residue. Regular use will further prevent build-up, keeping your clothes clean and fresh. Always test for colourfastness first on a concealed area before use.


Important Information

DO NOT USE ON LEATHER, SUEDE, SILK, ACETATE/RAYON, CARPETS OR UPHOLSTERY. Before use test for colourfastness: Apply a small amount of solution on an inconspicuous area and leave until dry. If there is no change in colour, continue following the instructions. Always rinse test area with warm water and follow garment's wash care label.

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