General rules of the "BOUCLE '" contest


Promoting Companies:

Filati Italiani srl, Strada Delle Campore 30 / A 05100 Terni Italy, VAT number 01657360556 in association with Cariaggi Lanificio S.P.A., Via Flaminia Nord, 48 - 61043 Cagli (PU), C.F. 00031110414, VAT number 00031110414


Competition objective:

This promotional initiative called "BOUCLE '" (hereinafter "Contest"), will aim to find and select content for the purpose of creating a promotional catalog intended for customers and suppliers as well as for use in future advertising campaigns.

The activity is excluded from the rules of prize events, as required by Presidential Decree 430/2001, as this initiative is promoted with the aim of commercially using the best images collected.



The competition will take place from 01/11/2022 to 15/04/2023.

In particular, the following periods will be provided:

    from 01/11/2022 to 31/03/2023: contest participation phase;

· By 15/04/2022: evaluation of the materials received and selection of the winner.


Participation requirements:

Participation in the Contest is allowed to professional / amateur / hobby operators of knitting and machine knitting (hereinafter "Participant / s").


Contest Theme:

The theme of the Contest consists in the creation of an item of clothing or accessory with the help of the "BOUCLE CONTEST’ 4000 yarn from Cariaggi Lanificio. The option is given to enrich the garment also with the help of the Cariaggi "FLEECE CONTEST" yarn with insert.

Participants must take 5 (five) photographs of the garment or accessory made and provide a textual technical description of their product (hereinafter "Elaborate / s").


How to participate in the Contest:

To participate in the Contest, the Participants must, from 01/11/2022 to 31/03/2023, send their Submission to the email address: [email protected] in the form of five photographs of the garment / accessory made with the "BOUCLE CONTEST’ yarn by Cariaggi Lanificio

In the body of the email write your personal data (Name, Surname, Mobile) and the descriptive text of the technique used to carry out your work.

The Participant will be asked to attach proof of the purchase of the Cariaggi Lanificio yarns used to make the Elaborate. For the purposes of proof of purchase of Cariaggi yarns, copies of the purchase invoices or the order number issued by the Italian Yarn Company will be eligible.

For the purposes of admission to the Contest, the technical report must be prepared exclusively in one of the following languages: Italian, English or Russian.

By submitting their application, the Participant authorizes the submission of their report, having read the privacy information for the purpose of participating in the Contest and fully accepting the regulation.

All entries must be sent by 11.59 pm on 31/03/2023.

After this date it will no longer be possible to send your entries.

It is specified that the weight of the email must not exceed 7 MB.

A page dedicated to the initiative will be created on the website where the Participant will find all the information to participate in the competition.


Responsibility of the participant:

By submitting their Submission, the Participant assumes all responsibility in this regard, declaring to be of age, to have carefully read and accepted the full Contest regulations and the specific requirements.


In particular, he must declare and guarantee:

    To be the author and owner of all copyrights of the Submission (photographs / text of the descriptive report) and that the same is the result of his own original creative processing and not copies or reproductions of third parties.

· That your Submission does not contain abusive, abusive, defamatory, threatening messages or writings and / or images of a pornographic, vulgar or obscene nature, under penalty of immediate exclusion from the Contest;

That what is sent is not contrary to any law and in particular that the proposed Elaborate is not reproduced or in violation of intellectual property rights, moral rights, copyrights or rights to protect the personal data of third parties (including image rights and personality rights, of which it has in any case received full and unlimited authorization from any owners), as well as publication rights and in general which respects the provisions of the law on copyright (Law 633 of 22 April 1941) and subsequent amendments as well as any other current legislation on the subject;

    That the photograph (s) transmitted exclusively depict clothing or an accessory made with Cariaggi Lanificio yarn.
    Of be aware that, as a result of sending his / her Work, the Participant, as the owner of the copyright, grants to the Promoting Companies, absolutely free of charge, without territorial or temporal limits, the exercise of all rights of economic use deriving from copyright on the Work, including, by way of example, the rights to publish the Work in any way and in any form, to reproduce, perform and disseminate, broadcast, through any means and on any medium of the Elaborate, to the representation in public, to the making available to the public in any form and manner, to the exhibition and display of the Elaborate, to the use of the Elaborate, even partial, modified , adapted, reworked etc. in the context of advertising promotions, the right to derive derivative works and the right to translation and, in general, to exercise all the rights related to them up to the eventual revocation by the entitled parties.

· To be aware that the responsibility for the content of your Submission is borne by you and consequently to indemnify the Promoting Companies from any harmful consequence and from any request for compensation, including legal fees, in relation to non-compliance with the sending conditions.

    To be aware that once the report has been sent it will be visible on the web. The Promoting Companies will not be liable in any way for any use and / or abuse that third parties to the Promoting Companies may possibly make of the Document that may be published and / or disseminated.

· To be aware that the violation of the foregoing may cause, as soon as detected, the immediate exclusion of the Participant from the Contest.


Visibility and use of photographs:

For the purposes of participation, each Submission sent by the Participant will be subject to moderation. The Promoting Companies reserve the right to use only the material which, in its sole discretion, is not harmful to the image of others, as well as offensive to current morality, or in any case harmful to the rights of others, tendentious, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, incite hatred or violence, slanderous, racist, constitutes a form of advertising of any commercial activity not inherent to the proposed topic or to third party brands, with content in violation of the Italian legal system, contrary to public shame and the rules on privacy.


The Promoting Companies also reserve the right to delete, even after any publication, any Draft which, in its sole discretion, could be offensive, unsuitable or inconsistent with the spirit of the Contest.


Assignment method:

For the purposes of the final assignment, all Entries in order for the purposes of the Contest will be admitted.

By 15/04/2023, a qualified commission appointed by the Promoting Companies, at its sole and unappealable judgment, will evaluate all the valid Entries according to the following criteria:

· Development of a paper in tune with the proposed theme of the Contest;

· Accuracy in relation to the level of technical difficulty;

· Originality and ability.


At the end of the evaluation process, the commission will nominate the best paper.

The decision of the qualitative commission will be unquestionable and definitive.


Participation and limitations:

Each Participant can participate in the Contest by sending up to a maximum of 3 Elaborated Works.

Each project sent via the dedicated email address must be different, any previously sent documents will not be taken into consideration.


Exclusion from participation:

Employees and collaborators of the Promoting Companies, subsidiaries, associates and parent companies are excluded from participation.


Reward for the winner:

The following will be made available to the winner:

    Publication of your winning work in the catalog \ promotional material that will be created;
    A spool of the precious Vicugna-Silk yarn (item Substantia)

The Promoting Companies will be able to select further Entries for the selection of material to be included in the realization of their promotional campaign.


Rights of the Promoting Companies:

The Promoting Companies reserve the right to make, for organizational needs, any and all changes deemed necessary both to the regulation and the calendar of the Contest and will have the right to postpone, suspend or cancel the Contest at any selection stage, without acknowledging any right to compensation and / or indemnity for the participants.


Personal Data Processing:

By joining this initiative, Users consent to the personal data provided to the Promoting Companies in relation to the party participation in this Contest are processed in compliance with the provisions of the European Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, including through the use of electronic tools, for the purposes related to the full conduct of this Contest.

The data controller is Filati Italiani, Strada Delle Campore 30 / A 05100 Terni Italy, VAT number.


Requirements and guarantees:

The correspondence and truthfulness of the data and information provided upon registration will be essential conditions for participation. The violation may result in the cancellation of the winnings or the impediment to participation.

Participation in the Contest will entail full and unconditional knowledge, adhesion and acceptance of all the articles of this regulation.

The Promoting Companies reserve the right to request additions to the material received (sending photos, descriptive text or any material that facilitates judgment) if they deem it necessary for the evaluation of the Works.

For any dispute, these terms and conditions will prevail.

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